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This is my gallery. 99% of this is poorly-drawn (or poorly written) star trek fandom nonsense that I have created. :|

Please feel free to look in my scraps.




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United States

My name is Rachel. I'm a casual doodler of star trek and a ever-curious intellectual. I'm a strong Atheist (even though I was born Jewish), but I will not look down on you for believing something that I do not. Respect me, and I respect you. Simple as that.

I participate in star trek roleplaying on many wonderful sites, a favorite of which is where you can create and develop your very own starfleet character!

Anyways, enjoy the doodles.

 1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).

2) Make them answer the following questions.

3) Then tag three people.

4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.

I'm quite the lazy arse and won't be tagging people. Consider yourself tagged if you bothered to read through this all.

This is a meme response for my Romulan OC, Verelan t'Radaik.


1) What gender are you?



2) What is your age?

I am thirty-seven.


3) Do you want a hug?

Not at the moment, but I thank you for the offer. 

4) Do you have any bad habits?

I have the reputation for being too cold... But I do not bite my nails or anything like that.


5) What is your favourite food?



6) Would you kill an innocent?

No, I only kill when it is necessary.


7) Are you a virgin?

This is hardly an appropriate question for a casual interview.


8) Have you ever killed anyone?



9) Do you hate anyone? 

Hate is a rather resolute word. I have people whom I dislike.


10) Do you have any secrets?

Everyone has their secrets. I prefer mine to stay that way.

11) What is your favourite season?

Fall, or summer.


12) Who is/are your best friend(s)?

Dhael, Ezri, Letant... And Safefta.


13) What are your hobbies?

I am a runner.


14) What is your favourite drink?

Tarka, or the occasional Romulan Ale.


15) How far can you run?

Quite fer. I do not have an exact figure.


16) How old do you think you'll live to be?

My species has a lifespan of about 250 years. I hope to reach that number, but I have a very dangerous occupation.


17) Are you nice or mean?

I am amicable enough.


18) Are you social or shy?

I am an introvert, but I am not shy.


19) What do you think of your parents?

I... Miss them. My father is a great man, and my mother a strong and fierce woman. May they live long and prosper, as the vulcans would put it.


20) What's your weakness?

It is not in my nature to reveal those things to people I do not know.

(She has hemophilia, a disorder that prevents her blood from clotting properly)


21) How long can you hold your breath under water?

My species has a large lung capacity. I can hold my breath for approximately 7-10 minutes, but no longer.

22) What do you do on a regular day basis?

I go on duty, record duty and personal logs, and complete my exercise regimen on the holodeck.


24) Ever been to the hospital?



25) What's your favourite time of day?

Late evening, or early morning.


26) Ever worn a dress?

On very rare occasions, yes.


27) Willingly?

I would not wear clothing under subjugation. 


28) What do you consider fun in the day-time?

I enjoy string instruments and arrangements thereof.


29) At night?

Swimming is enjoyable at night.


30) Ever kissed anyone?



31) ...Of the same gender?

Yes, I have had girlfriends before.


32) It's clear you're gay.

Negative. I am Bisexual. 


33) What's your favourite thing to touch?

I enjoy the feeling of velvet.


34) Anyone loves you?

My friends, yes. 

35) What's your favourite colour?

Red, and black.


36) When was the last time you cried?

A fair bit of time ago... I do not remember what for...


37) Do you have a pet?

Indeed, a brown dwarf rabbit named Vaebn.

38) Are you crazy?

I would hope not.


39) What are you?

I am a Romulan.


40) What´s your nickname?

Very close friends occasionally call me 'Ver'. I dislike it.

41) Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?

I am a realist.


42) If you were a superhero, you'd be...?

...I do not understand the question.


43) Favourite weapon?

I use phasers as part of my work. I collect bladed weaponry, but unless it were a last resort I would not fight with them.

44) What is your current occupation?

Starfleet officer.


 45) Who do you know that bugs you?

Gul Dukat.


46) What's your favourite song?

I do not have a favourite.


47) Do you consider yourself a warrior?

If need be.


48) Have you 'done it' in the past month?

You may continue to wonder.


49) Ever think about getting married?

Possibly. My career is my focus, but the thought has occurred to me.


50) Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?


51) When was the first time you 'did it'?

You have many ways of phrasing the same question...


52) Do you have any piercings anywhere?



53) How about tattoos?

I have a house crest brand on my right shoulder blade.

54) Do you rap?

I would not even begin to try.

55) Do you write you're own material?


56) What's you're favorite song that you've written or sang?

I do not sing.

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  • Listening to: Static-X
  • Reading: Stiff
  • Watching: Star Trek - DS9
  • Playing: DotA2
  • Eating: Apples
  • Drinking: The blood of my enemies (Fruit punch)

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